Mega Menu

In this guide you will learn how to add a new menu item to the MegaMenu.
To create a dropdown menu, first decide on which menu item in your Main Menu you would like to have as a dropdown

From the Navigation tab in the Shopify Admin (Themes > Navigation), create a new link list (choosing Add a link list). The title of this “link list” must be the same as the title of the menu item from your Main Menu. For example, if you have a Main Menu with a link called “Accessories”, create a new “link list” with the title “Accessories”. Each link in this new “link list” will appear as a dropdown under “Accessories”



You can add/drag to change the order that they appear in frontend store.




Go to Theme Customize -> Mega Menu:

We are having 5 Mega Menu items from Mega Menu item 1 to Mega Menu item 5. You can enable any items with a mega menu as you like.Each item stands for the link in the menu.
Each Mega Menu item also have 4 types of Mega Menu including:

  • Mega Menu Blocklinks
  • Mega Menu Video
  • Mega Menu Product
  • Mega Menu HTML


Enable Display Mega Menu.


Menu item 1: Enter “Link Name” of “Navigation / Main Menu” into Menu item 1 box.

  • You can tick on any Mega Menu type you want to use is enable.
  • Here you can enter Mega Menu Items (for example, here is Shop) then edit Mega Menu for the dropdown menu.


  • If you want to limit the Mega Menu width you can input the pixel values to the box.
  • Check to display label icons (Hot & New) at Mega Menu items.
  • You can divide the width of each Mega Menu type follow column of bootstrap